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Well then, good news.
Task 2 out of ??? is done.
I think this second step was the most difficult and Im happy that I finally accomplished it.
The third task wil take quite a long time and will be quite tedious. It will propably be just as hard as the second task.
But Im one step closer to finishing it, which is nice.

Theres just this weird feeling that I have… do I work too much on it?
Am I using too much power for this project?
I mean yes it was planned as THE big project, but did I really plan to make it THAT big?
I just have the feeling that all of this is too much for a project which might never see the light of day, even if it´s finished.
The likelyhood of it beeing finished is about 60-80% which is quite high.
The likelyhood of it never beeing released unfortunately is just as high.
Especially because after it´s finished, the rest of all the tasks will depend on other people. In other words some other person will have to help me out on this project and I currently haven´t found anyone who wants to help me and has the one needed attribute that is neccessary in order to finish that task.
And if a person doesn´t have the same or a similar point of view on this project, he will most likely need quite some time to finish this task.
AND EVEN THEN it´s not finished. If this project should ever reach that stage of development, then theres one last task left to do. And I don´t have any influence on that, nor does anyone else. The project itself has to finish that task. The project itself will be key for it´s own release.
It may sound weird right now, but Im doing this for me and one other person primarily. Though Im sure you people would like it as well. So if it ever reaches the light of day, I will be more then happy that you people can read and maybe enjoy it.

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