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A Thousand Years of Boredom: @silentassassink


She wasn’t sure why she had been invited to his world, only that she had been. Not really wanting to traverse the realm that made no sense at all, she instead opted to sitting on the back of a cat’s skull with doll legs that pranced around.

The ride was a shaky one, but it seemed to be getting…

"Im really sorry for all of this Lady Bernkastel. This side of my world was made out of boredom. It´s something like a forest if you want to call it like that. We´ll soon arrive."
After a while you could see something that looked a bit like a garden.
Yes it was a garden. A huge rosegarden. It was weird, the roses didn´t had thorns. They were chained together.
Weird bear trap looking traps were growing. It still didn´t looked like there was anything normal in this world. Suddenly they stopped.
He jumped of and made a hand gesture for Bernkastel to help her get down. Well at least he had manners. That creature behind them shattered in pieces like broken glass.
"Please follow me now. Don´t stop or you might get lost."
There was a giantic building that almost looked like a new world. he opened the Door and everything got… well a little bit more to normal.
It was a Library. Bookshelves that tall like skyscrapers, floating books, some floating flames made parts of that gloomy library a bit brighter and Clocks hang down from the ceiling. But the really strange part of all of that was that in that library there were more floating things. Kakeras.
After a while they finally reached an expensive looking mansion inside this library.
"I didn´t introduce myself right? I am kiri, the sorcerer of creativity and imagination. I heared you talked much with my human side Silent right? Well shall we have a tea inside or do you have any questions about that world? Do you want to see that world a bit more?"

((Aah I wrote too much again >.<)) 

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