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Remember my last post, about concept characters?
The one with Virgilius, the previous Erika Furudo.
This one: 

Well I found another one.
Do you people know who this is?
I bet in this case some more people might know her.
She is called Flauros the blazing, the 64th of the 72 great pillars.
I just re-discovered her.
She first appears in Umineko: Our Confession.
She is supossed to look a bit like a leopard.
Beatrice stated that she kills with childlike innocence.
In other words, she is very brutal and dangerous, but she herself is like a kid and sees it more like a game.
I really like teh way teh character is build up. An innocent, killer pyro. 
As much as I know that´s her first and last appereace, and besides this sketch down there, there are no known pictures of her.
Which means, just like Virgilius, she has no official color.

So just like with Virgilius, I used the sketch down there and made a lineart for her.
The original character design obviously is owned by Ryukishi.
And for once I actually think I can imagine what happened in his head while he was drawing that.
I imagine him sitting there, reading some umineko forums, and then there is this one comment about, that there can´t be something more lewd then gaaps dress.
I already somehow hear him say “Screw you, nobody fucks with Ryukishi. I just havent even started” *scrible scrible* and ta da, there you got the outfit for her xD
Well ok, maybe I just have a lively imagination.
The reason for her… light clothing, is because he wanted to make her design to have a contrast between the character designs of Ronove and Gaap. She should look more child-like in comparison to the other two, who had a more adult-like character design.
Don´t ask me. That´s what there was written.

Anyways, just like with Virgilius I give the lineart free to use and color.
I just have two thing I´d like to ask for.
Please credit me, because I was jut working on it for hours and my hand just hurts because of that, so it was quite some work.
And the second, if you color it, please send me your pic.
I´d like to see how you imagine her to look like, and to know why you used the colors you used for her.

Like with Vigilius I give you my three examples in the typical ryukishi coloring style.
I choose these three colors, because Flaurons title is “Flauros the blazing”, so in other words, she´s a pyro and her power is to turn anything and anyone into a steaming pile of ash.
But my favourite one is the second one, the orange one, because she si supposed to look like a leopard and I think the orange one fits both well, the leopard and the pyro appereance.

If you want a better version of the Lineart, you can download it from my DeviantArt account, here:

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